The Venezuelan coffers were empty following the expenditure

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The Venezuelan coffers were empty following the expenditure

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The government then shut down all schools, shut down the borders between Venezuela and its neighbors RuneScape gold, and placed six states and Caracas under quarantine. Marinez became stranded in transit , and was confined to his uncle's house in a town more than 50 miles away from Caracas.

After a few months, Marinez returned in Maracaibo, "with none cash in my pockets," he stated. He tried to find paintings but could not find anything in the task market that was destroyed by method of pandemic and a long-running financial crisis.

Ten years prior, Venezuela, a petrostate under the presidency of Hugo Chavez, witnessed a decline in the cost of oil. The price for a barrel fell to just $50, down from an high of more than one hundred. The U.S. instituted extensive-ranging sanctions against Venezuela's dictatorial government.

"When oil prices began to fall, there has been no additional cash available to purchase goods," stated Alejandro Velasco who is an associate professor of New York University who focuses on Venezuelan political issues, during an interview via telecellsmartphone. "As an end result it has not been additional cash to keep the financial system in motion."

The Venezuelan coffers were empty following the expenditure of the most recent oil revenue on social services like government-backed food, medical care as well as literacy programmes. Chavez also removed perceived dissidents from the oil industry following an attempted coup by the army which impacted production.

A significant amount of corruption inside the government has also harmed the financial system cheap RS gold, in line to Paul Angelo, a fellow on the Council for Foreign Relations who is a specialist in Latin American politics.

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